Featured Site - Citizens for Tom Basile - NY Senatorial Candidate Website | Highlights: Branding Integration, Mailchimp Integration, Mailchimp Groups

Tom Basile’s team approached me to revamp his Squarespace website with the goals of making it easy for his supporters to both volunteer and make donations to his campaign. Tom was about to announce his candidacy for the 39th District Senate seat in NY and he needed a flexible and user friendly platform to connect with his supporters.

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Featured Site - CLEbaby Doula Service | Highlights: Wordpress to Squarespace Migration, Dubsado, Mailchimp, Employee Directory, Testimonials

Ashley was ready to take control of her website, but it was a Wordpress site and she knew there had to be an easier way. She reached out to me to share her concerns about potentially trading off her SEO ranking for a more user-friendly platform like Squarespace - but I assured here we could make the move seamless.

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Featured Site - Edie Kaye Custom Gowns | Highlights: Full site redesign focusing on the customer journey

Emily’s custom gown website EdieKaye.com featured a gorgeous splash page image. But she wanted her customers to be able to learn more about her and her business without leaving her homepage. Her customer journey would start by showcasing her beautiful gowns and then sharing about herself and finally inviting them to her portfolio.

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