Why does my website load so slowly? Try this tip...

Learn how to edit your image to maximize website load performance.

Does your website take forever to load in your browser?

The primary culprit here is often your images. They are just too large and need to be compressed. Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to reduces the size of your images and see an increase in your website's performance.

You'll also learn learn best practices for image formatting which are good for any website platform.  For my Squarespace friends, I share the specific image recommendations for this platform. But the free photo editing software and techniques are useful no matter what platform you are on. 

The link to free photo editing software is just below the video...


Download the photo editing software I use in the video at the link below:


I also have this gimp plug-in installed so I can adjust multiple images at one time:

BIMP - Batch image manipulation to groups of images

Guidelines for Images:

  • Load your images with a maximum of 2500 pixels along their longest edge.

  • Compress your images so their maximum file size is 500KB

  • For images that you know will span the full width of the site use width of 1500 pixels or 2500 pixels.

  • For all other images that you know use width of 750 pixels.

Read this article for Squarespace's Full Recommendations regarding images.