How to share a blog post from Squarespace to Facebook

How to share a blog post from Squarespace to Facebook - changes for August 2018.

The way to share your Squarespace posts to Facebook is changing.

Facebook now restricts third-party platforms like Squarespace from automatically pushing content to personal profiles. Now you can only push content to Pages, which are typically used for businesses.

To accommodate this change, Squarespace has updated a few areas of the platform to remove automatic sharing to profiles. Most notably, if a Facebook profile was selected as the Push Target for a connected account, it was removed.

If you automatically push content (like blog posts) to personal Facebook profiles, there are a few alternatives. First, copying and pasting any URL from Squarespace into personal Facebook posts will always work. Or, you could create a Facebook Page and select that page as the Push Target.

If you need a step by step walkthrough, visit these Squarespace posts about setting up Facebook on Squarespace and Sharing from Squarespace to Social Media. The second post also covers topics like sharing to Pinterest and Twitter.