How to Reduce Inbox Clutter - Email Productivity Series Part 2

two great tips to reduce inbox clutter and get productive

I previously shared the first article in my Email Productivity Series with tips on how to save time responding to email with automated tools

.  This week we'll talk about how to manage your inbox 📥

- whether your little "unread" indicator reads 5 or 1538 (like my husband's).

As a visual person, the clutter of an overfull inbox does me in. I just can't focus when my inbox says 1 unread (but that's a problem for another post).

Here are my two favorite tips to keep you productive and your inbox looking healthy and slim:

Unsubscribe Early and Often

Subscribing to a newsletter can provide great inspiration - especially if you are in the planning or perfecting stages with your own newsletter. But they can fill your inbox quickly if you don't have time to read them right away.  So when it takes you more than a week to read a newsletter - it's time to unsubscribe. File a few issues for inspiration but then cut the cord.

All newsletters have archives, so to make sure you don't lose a particularly good resource, bookmark the newsletter's Archive page in your browser or a tool like Pocket

 so you can return to it later. Use a folder title or Pocket tag like Newsletter Inspiration or Trade Secret Tips - whatever fits the kinds of newsletters you are keeping.

Reserve Your Inbox

Your inbox should be for unread email and action items only . If an email has been read and doesn't require action - it's time to file it away. Before you file it into the abyss, consider this question - when you go to look for this item - where will you look?

If it is an Amazon receipt, will you look for it in Receipts or say Amazon Receipts? Was fit a supply for your business so you would look for it in Supply Receipts or 2017 Supply Receipts?

Use the question of "Where would I look for this later?" to help you design a folder system that will make find your archived items when you need them.