How Do I Start Blogging for My Business?

I know you feel like you don't have time to write, but I going to provide you with some really easy steps below on how to come up with things to write about and how to actually get writing.  If you are going to chose to do anything for your business in regards to marketing, I would urge you to make blogging your single priority. 

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Web Site TipsBelinda Briggs
How to Reduce Inbox Clutter - Email Productivity Series Part 2

Two great tips for reducing inbox clutter. - how to manage your inbox 📥 - whether your little "unread" indicator reads 5 or 1538 (like my husband's). As a visual person, the clutter of an overfull inbox does me in. I just can't focus when my inbox says 1 unread (but that's a problem for another post). Here are my two favorite tips to keep you productive and your inbox looking healthy and slim..

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