Key features: Branding Integration, Ease to Donate, Volunteer and Ease of Site Maintenance

Tom Basile’s team approached me to revamp his Squarespace website with the goals of making it easy for his supporters to both volunteer and make donations to his campaign. Tom was about to announce his candidacy for the 39th District Senate seat in NY and he needed a flexible and user friendly platform to connect with his supporters.

Other key features were the ability to share Tom’s position on the many campaign issues and share regular news stories to keep his supporters engaged in this important political race. And of course, we worked hard to integrate the branding throughout the site using Tom’s logo colors and design elements of stars and stripes.

I worked with Tom’s team to design a mobile friendly site with a prominent custom coded Donate button and embedded Mailchimp forms that enabled his volunteers to self select into Mailchimp groups would let Tom’s team contact them about the specific opportunities that interested them, for instance knocking on doors or placing yard signs.


Making a website that looks great on every device

Press play on the video above to see how this website looks on a cell phone.

With the knowledge that more than 60% of web site visitors are browsing the web from their cell phone or tablet, having a mobile friendly design was critical from Tom’s website. CNBC stated that even a small contribution can make a big difference, so we knew it was important to make sure the Donate button was front and center providing visitors with an easy way to provide financial support to their candidate. Some custom coding allowed a very highlighted presentation of this button on mobile and desktop views.


A Home page that takes visitors on a journey

We knew that Tom’s site visitors might come in from several different places - like social media or news articles. We also knew that Tom’s supporters would be at different steps along the path of engagements. To support each of them, I designed a home page that would let them learn more about the candidate as well as provide opportunities from them to step further into the campaign. By providing information about their candidate up front, they would be enticed to jump right in and learn more by scrolling down to learn about the issues or find out the latest news. With opportunities to engage in several locations, Tom’s site is ready for his supporters to jump in engage by either clicking a volunteer or donate button.

Finally, Tom has two About pages, encouraging those who want to know more about his experience and background to take a deeper dive.

You can see the full website at

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