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Squarespace Web Designer specializing in Mailchimp, Acuity & Dubsado integrations

Design Strategy Sessions


Schedule a strategy call and get all of your questions answered.

This is a great way to get good advice before you dive into a full web design project with me or to keep your own project on track.

  • Thinking about using Squarespace for your platform but aren't sure it can do everything you want? 

  • Moving from Wordpress to Squarespace and want to minimize the effect on your SEO?

  • Are you a tech savvy business person who wants to design their website on their own but needs some guidance from an experienced designer?

  • Is your website looking homemade and you don't know how to fix it? I can help you refresh your look or review your design plan to ensure you haven't missed something. 

Not on Squarespace?

DIYing your own website using Wix or Wordpress or whatever and need help? No problem! Web design principles and the concept of the customer journey is universal. I can help you get unstuck! Together we can build a plan to move your design forward and build the website you've dreamed of - no matter what platform you are on.



The Design Strategy Process, Timing, + Pricing...

Below you'll find answers to questions you may have about Design Strategy Sessions including what to expect during a session, how we'll communicate, pricing and what happens if you need more than one session.

>> What to expect during your session

During your consultation, we can:

  • Dig into your design strategy {read: how to get my customer to buy/book/schedule on my website}

  • Audit your existing website to help you "finish it off"

  • Answer questions about a website you’re designing on your own.

  • Discuss moving your existing website from another platform, and more.

Strategy Sessions are great for DIY and tech savvy business owners who like the idea of having full control of their own website but either aren't sure of where to start or have started but now find themselves stuck. I'm also happy to log into your Squarespace website and take a look "under the hood"

This is a great way to get good advice without committing to additional services. This is a no-sales zone, so be assured that we'll spend the full time fleshing out your questions, not selling you on a project or products. 


How does it work?

The consultation will be done via Google Video Chat, Skype or over the phone - whichever is most comfortable for you.  If you are local to Raleigh and prefer a face-to-face, I'm happy to meet up with you - I have a few favorite coffee shops with great wifi!

The consultation will run about 2 hours. This may seem like a long time but trust me it will go by in just a blink of the eye! 

>> What happens if you still have questions after our time is up?
I offer two types of recurring Strategy Sessions - a discounted monthly session and a five-pack bundle - to make it easy for you to build in accountability and regular guidance.


>> Session Pricing

Individual Strategy Sessions are $197 for 2 hours of guidance.

Monthly Accountability Strategy Sessions are $185 per session. Monthly sessions requires a 3 month up front commitment.

The Five-Pack Bundle is $925* for five 2-hour of Strategy Sessions

*Purchase within 30 days of your initial session and that initial session's cost can be applied to the package. That will leave you with 4 valuable and productive strategy sessions left in your package.

Get Started

Are you ready to get your design strategy in order and those big questions answered?


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