Schedule a strategy call and get all of your questions answered.

This is a great way to get good advice before you dive into a full web design project with me or to keep your own project on track.

  • Thinking about using Squarespace for your platform but aren't sure it can do everything you want? 

  • Moving from Wordpress to Squarespace and want to minimize the effect on your SEO?

  • Are you a tech savvy business person who wants to design their website on their own but needs some guidance from an experienced designer?

  • Is your website looking homemade and you don't know how to fix it? I can help you refresh your look or review your design plan to ensure you haven't missed something. 

Not on Squarespace?

DIYing your own website using Wix or Wordpress or whatever and need help? No problem! Web design principles and the concept of the customer journey is universal. I can help you get unstuck! Together we can build a plan to move your design forward and build the website you've dreamed of - no matter what platform you are on.