How to Share Your Content

Watch this 6 minute video to learn all about the content request system and how you'll use it to write and share your content with me!


Here's a simple guide to go along with the video.



I use a system called Content Snare to help collect everything needed from you to build your website. This includes things like headings, service descriptions, images, contact info and more.

It makes the project run smoother by:

  • Providing one central location for all your content
  • Avoiding long email trails and back and forth
  • Not worrying about emails getting lost or missed
  • Allowing you to fill it out progressively when you have time

You'll receive an email from the system once we have set it up. You'll be able to use the link below to access the system once your account is setup.

Once inside, you will find some images that help you visualize the structure of the site. They are examples of how the site will be laid out - not necessarily the exact look and feel that your site will have.